Photos by Shane Sharp and Gordon Kyd

Welcome all to our new club blog. This is an exciting development for The Regals. After acknowledging that our club e-zine was on a hiatus for a year, the committee met to resolve its absence and the idea of creating a web blog was born. The advantages of going to this format to present club news and information are numerous, but the main advantage is that we can bring current news and articles directly to our members almost immediately after they are written. This means that our members can have a better connection to the club’s activities past and present.

The plan is to use the blog as a means to keep our members informed on what our club has in store for the future including club runs and events, and what our members have been up to in regards to tech articles, car builds and the like. The blog will complement our brilliant website which contains all official club information along with a huge gallery and events page. We will also be able to post links directly to Facebook if and when we want to reach a specific audience. A big thanks must go to Bruce Rayne for getting the new web blog up and running.

EVL RacingWe just wrapped up our Annual General Meeting and we had the pleasure of announcing a bunch of new developments for the club. Merchandise in the form of club t shirts are now on offer and you’ll see a post on this blog about that very shortly. We also had a range of new club stickers debut at the AGM and again this blog will be the place to find info on them.

When the dust settled, the 2015 committee ended up holding their current positions to see us through for another year and I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank them all for their contributions throughout the year. We will now focus on adding to our newly announced merchandise and turning the new web blog into another proud achievement of this club.

Modified conditional registration, known as the Classic Vehicle Scheme has finally been approved by NSW Minister for Roads, The Honourable Duncan Gay. While hearing that the minister has signed off on the overdue scheme should be considered positive news, I’m sure we’ll still have to wait a little extra for all the backend details to be sorted before we are all racing over to the local RMS office. At any rate, as soon as the scheme goes live we will let you know.

Moving on to club runs and events, the next one on the list is Mopars Down South. It’s right around the corner and details can be found here . Then we have our own Mopars Only Swap Meet in October. We’ll post details on this blog soon. Closely following our swap meet is the All Chrysler Day to be held at a new venue this year: The Museum of Fire Penrith.

On a personal note, my brother Andrew and I are about to start a build on his recently acquired 1970 VG Hardtop. We are taking the stock standard car and giving it the classic “1980s Adelaide” treatment. Think mini tubs, Centrelines and a tunnel ram and you’ll get the picture. We’ll be following the build on this web blog, so look out for that in the near future.

See you on the road,

Chris Mede – President.