The Regals Mopar Car Club has a new home for its monthly meetings. For those of you who have been to one of the Regals Mopar Only swap meets, you’ll already be familiar with the venue:

The Croatian Club Braca Radic
79 South St
Schofields NSW  2762

So why the change? Well, each time the Regals Committee get together to discuss club business, we always find ourselves reminiscing about our very first meeting location, the On Site yard at St Marys. We didn’t have to share the premises with anyone (other than a few scissor-lifts), club members could park their cars right outside the workshop and dinner consisted of a sausage sandwich that could be safely held in one hand while the other hand pointed out the new triple Webers hanging off a mate’s Hemi. So many club members brought their Mopars each month, the meetings were like a mini car show!

The meetings at On Site were a great social experience

Unfortunately OH&S concerns forced us to change meeting venues, and there began the ongoing search to find somewhere that would serve us as well as the On Site yard. We had a couple of meetings at Sydney Dragway, then we settled on the newly-renovated “Garage” at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek for a couple of years. After that we searched some more, and then moved to the Wagon Wheel Hotel at St Marys, where we’ve been since July 2015. Feel free to read more about the reasons for leaving Sydney Motorsport Park here.

The staff at the Wagon Wheel have always been helpful and accommodating, and the quality, range and price of food in the bistro was a great improvement over previous arrangements. Unfortunately, the energy or “vibe” of the meetings suffered. The parking lot was regularly full, meaning that it was sometimes impossible to park near the pub. And the seating arrangements in the bistro forced members to bunch up into little groups, which made it very hard for the organic socialising we used to get in the early days. It also made it very difficult for us to identify a new member from the normal club patrons, and it was just as hard for the new members to find us!

We’ve slowly seen fewer and fewer members bringing their Mopars to meetings, and we hardly ever head out to the parking lot to check out the latest resto, or a new member’s ride.

Regals club member, Romeo.

So when club registrar Raf Jelicich mentioned that he’d been talking to long-time club member Romeo Susnjara about the possibility of meeting at Schofields, we were all interested. Romeo has been an incredibly generous member of the Regals, giving up his time and helping to operate the club’s annual swap meet on the Croatian Club premises. And now Romeo has put his hand up once again.

Romeo and his band of merry Croatians will be putting on a BBQ each month, and opening the bar to serve refreshments. The food and drink costs will be very reasonable.

The space for parking cars is enormous!

For those coming via the M7, just get off at the Richmond Rd exit at Dean Park. Head North on Richmond Rd, then turn right into South St about 1km after you pass the Marsden Park Ikea. Drive up South St for about 1km, and the club is on your right. There’s a huge off-street parking area, right in front of the clubhouse, which will allow all club members to bring their precious Mopars along without concerns for their safety – we don’t have to share the area with anyone but Regals members.

So make sure you come to the right place next month, because we won’t be at the Wagon Wheel Hotel anymore.

The gates open at 7.00pm and the meeting will commence at 8.00pm on the first Tuesday of every month (except January).

The Croatian Club Braca Radic
79 South St
Schofields NSW  2762

We’ll see you there!

Here are a few pics from the March 2017 meeting.