Welcome to the new, online version of the Regals Torque magazine. After many discussions, and a very short-lived “E-zine” digital version of the Torque magazine, we have taken a significant step forward and replaced the previous magazine format with this new digital blog.

We have always taken great pride in the club magazine, setting a very high quality standard for ourselves. But producing a magazine of that calibre comes with a significant cost in time and money. All of the magazine’s contributors are volunteers, which made it very difficult to maintain the magazine regularity and quality, especially with so much original content. We then made the decision to produce a digital-only version of the magazine, which solved the cost issues, but it was still taking a very long time to put together. We were also having trouble finding an efficient way of bringing together source material from all of the different contributors and combining it into a single publication in a timely fashion.

We like to think of ourselves as a pretty forward-thinking club, so the decision to move the Torque magazine onto the internet was a fairly easy one. The new online format allows us to have lots of magazine contributors, easily writing and publishing new stories. There are no delays for designing and printing and it also allows us to upload heaps of event photos without the space limitations we had with the printed magazines (we know that most people only look at the pictures anyway).

We will be regularly updating the site, so please be sure to visit often. The new blog will also include details of important club and event information.

We hope you enjoy this new format, and thanks for reading!

Bruce Rayne