Editorial note: this is a 2015 article and the Regals’ general meeting venue details outlined below are no longer correct. From March 2017 onwards, the new Regals meeting venue is the Croatian Club Braca Radic, 79 South St, Schofields, and not the Wagon Wheel Hotel at St Marys.

It’s been over two years since we moved our general meetings from the Onsite garage at St Marys to “The Garage” (the ARDC’s club room and bar) at Sydney Motorsport park, Eastern Creek.

The Wagon Wheel hotel has a reasonably sized parking lot

The Wagon Wheel hotel has a reasonably sized parking lot

For those who have been with the club long enough, you will remember the significant appeal of the new venue: air conditioning, isolated location, ample parking, easy to get to, and its own food and bar. All we had to do was spend a minimum amount at the bar and we had the whole place to ourselves.

Things obviously didn’t work out as planned for the ARDC, and in November 2013 we received notification that we would no longer have the place to ourselves. We were forced to move our meetings  from Wednesday to Tuesday night, and to share the space with a number of other clubs.

Considering we had always well and truly exceeded the minimum spend asked of us, we knew we had kept up our side of the bargain, and were less than impressed that they hadn’t kept up theirs.

The Wagon Wheel Bistro, filled with Regals

The Wagon Wheel Bistro, filled with Regals

Even less impressive was the gradual decline in food range and quality, but no decrease in price. Paying top dollar for servo sandwiches right on their use-by date is a bit insulting. And washing out the bad taste with an $8 beer doesn’t make you feel any better either.

Perhaps food and drink aren’t a particularly important factor when it comes to conducting a meeting, but having an available meeting room certainly is. On a number of occasions there wasn’t even a meeting room unlocked and available for us to use, leaving us to improvise by having our meeting wherever we could find an empty space.

The new meeting room is a disused upstairs section of the Wagon Wheel Hotel. Not exactly beautiful, but plenty of space and very quiet.

The new meeting room is a disused upstairs section of the Wagon Wheel Hotel. Not exactly beautiful, but nice and quiet and plenty of space.

We’ve seen this arrangement deteriorate to a point where we have been forced to act, so we began our search for a new location a few months ago. After many meetings and discussions, we decided on the Wagon Wheel Hotel in St Marys. It’s a nice, tidy little pub on the Great Western Highway. It’s quiet, it has plenty of off-street parking, its own bistro, and it has an unused upstairs section for our meetings. Club members are able to grab a drink and a feed downstairs, then head upstairs for the meeting.

Meetings-MapThe July meeting saw the first general meeting at the Wagon Wheel, and by all accounts it was a success. We had a turnout of around 25 people, which is pretty good for a winter meeting. Everyone sat down and enjoyed a cheap (and tasty) pub meal, then at around 8pm, we all headed upstairs for the formalities. The guys at the Wagon Wheel had put out tables and chairs for us, and the meeting went well.

There’s a good sized parking lot, but if we run out of spaces, there’s a huge parking lot for the Hog’s Breath restaurant next door.

If you’d like to see what sort of food is on offer, click here to check out the Wagon Wheel’s bistro menu.

The pub is very easy to get to and is right between Hog’s Breath, and the infamous St Marys Band Club. If you’re coming via the M4, take the Mamre Rd exit and head north towards the Great Western Highway. Enter the pub via Princess Mary St, then head to the parking lot at the back of the pub.

mapIf you didn’t make it for the July meeting, we hope to see you there for the August meeting on Tuesday the 4th.

Meetings are at 7pm, on the first Tuesday of every month (except January).

The Wagon Wheel Hotel
465 Great Western Hwy
St Marys NSW  2760