Sunday 9th October, The Croatian Club Braca Radic, Schofields
Photos by Bruce Rayne

If I’m to be completely honest, I’m amazed that swap meets are still a thing. In this age of eBay, online forums and easy online ordering from overseas retailers, I keep thinking that our next swap meet we be our last. So every time I rock up to the Regals’ annual Mopar-only swap meet, I’m pleasantly surprised with the attendance and overall enthusiasm.

I think the one thing that keeps people coming is the dream of the unexpected bargain. Someone emptying out a garage with no real idea of what they have or its market value, giving some lucky customer a chance to snap up some Pacer seats for $50 a piece. (Before you get too excited, I made that last example up.) But it’s dreams like this that keep people rocking up bright and early to find a bargain.

It’s always hard to gauge attendance numbers, because people come and go. I felt like numbers were a bit down on last year, but others said they were just as good, if not better. The unavoidable clash with the Bathurst race might have kept a few people away, but if it did, it wasn’t many.

As with previous years, the traders were all set up at the back of the parking lot of the Croatian Club Braca Radic in Schofields, along with a number of cars on show. The boys from the club had the BBQ set up at the side entrance, churning out plenty of tasty bacon and egg rolls.

Throughout the morning I saw quite a few happy sellers and buyers, so I think the humble swap meet still has its place in this age of online shopping.

As usual, we must send out a huge thank you to Romeo Susnjara and the rest of the boys from the Croatian Club for providing the food and venue and for the day.

Here are a few pics.