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Special interest

Clarendon Classic and Kenworth Klassic 2017

Words and photos by Chris Mede In September 2016 I attended the Clarendon Classic Rally hosted by the Sydney Antique Machinery Club Inc, out near Richmond. I’ve been going for a few years now, and thought I’d share the event with our members on The Regals web blog because I believe that most of you

Club events

Regals’ Mystery Cruise Poker Run

Sunday 7th May. Photos by Bruce and Bedrina Rayne. In April 2016 the Regals held its very first Mystery Cruise Poker Run. I was unable to attend, but by all accounts it was a fantastic day, so I made sure that I didn’t miss its return this year. Originally scheduled for November last year, the mystery cruise was

Club information

It’s a new year, with a new Regals meeting venue

The Regals Mopar Car Club has a new home for its monthly meetings. For those of you who have been to one of the Regals Mopar Only swap meets, you’ll already be familiar with the venue: The Croatian Club Braca Radic 79 South St Schofields NSW  2762 So why the change? Well, each time the Regals Committee get together to discuss club business, we

Club events

2016 Christmas Party – A Very Regal Christmas

Sunday 27th November, Prospect Reservoir, Prospect Photos by Bruce Rayne , George Tatsis and Peter Hatzi Each year when it comes time to pick a location for the Regals Christmas party, we have only one goal: to get as many people to turn up as possible! Over the years we’ve held our Christmas parties at Penrith Panthers,

Club events

All Chrysler Day 2016 — A small step in the right direction

Sunday 16th October, Museum of Fire, Penrith Photos by Bruce Rayne If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve probably been to the All Chrysler Day at least once. And if you’re a Chrysler die hard, you probably go every year. Prior to this year’s event, my last visit was back in 2013, and even then it was only

Club events

5th Annual Mopar Only Swap Meet

Sunday 9th October, The Croatian Club Braca Radic, Schofields Photos by Bruce Rayne If I’m to be completely honest, I’m amazed that swap meets are still a thing. In this age of eBay, online forums and easy online ordering from overseas retailers, I keep thinking that our next swap meet we be our last. So every

Special interest

NSW Historic Conditional Registration Scheme

Editorial note: This article is advisory in nature, and is not a legal authority. We won’t pay your fine if some information in this article turns out to be incorrect or out-of-date. It’s always best to do your own research. There’s been a lot of talk about the changes being made to the registration options for

Coming events

Mopar Only Swap Meet 2016

The 5th Regals annual Mopar-only swap meet is almost upon us, so make sure you put it in your calendar. Lots of buyers, lots of sellers and plenty of great deals to be found. The event details are as follows: Sunday 9th October The Croatian Club Braca Radic 79 South St Schofields NSW Sellers set up at

The Prez Sez

The Prez Sez September 2016

Photos by Shane Sharp and Gordon Kyd Welcome all to our new club blog. This is an exciting development for The Regals. After acknowledging that our club e-zine was on a hiatus for a year, the committee met to resolve its absence and the idea of creating a web blog was born. The advantages of

From the editor

The new Regals Torque blog website

Welcome to the new, online version of the Regals Torque magazine. After many discussions, and a very short-lived “E-zine” digital version of the Torque magazine, we have taken a significant step forward and replaced the previous magazine format with this new digital blog. We have always taken great pride in the club magazine, setting a very